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i feel like i haven’t written anything personal here on here in ages, which is weird since this is a blogging site lol. i guess some life updates? i transferred universities & i’m really liking it here, haha. i made a lot of new friends from my french class. i turned 23 last month and it’s a little weird since i don’t feel or look any different. i downloaded a dating app and it’s… something new that’s for sure! though not too much luck so far ;;;; i also started a bullet journal back in august and i actually do keep up with it! surprising since i’m known to pick up things quickly and drop them just as fast, oops. i got an annual pass to universal studios in la back in january and have gone almost at least once a month with friends since. i’ve been trying to go out more and thanks to my friends, i’ve visited a lot of new places and tried a bunch of different foods. i’m still hoping to travel to japan with my cousins in the future, but with tuition and textbooks it’ll be quite a while until then ;;; i quit my part-time job a couple months back due to some professional conflicts but without that stress and having time to actually concentrate on my studies, i feel a lot better than i did before.

i've been meaning to blog about my trips with friends and post about my hauls but i kept pushing everything back until it was too late. i'm thinking about how i can try to fit everything before the new year comes but i have finals starting next week so i want to post about at least one thing before december ends. i might also just do a huge post of all the cool things i've bought over the last few months just to make things a little easier for myself. i also definitely want to do a post about my bullet journal and all the goodies i have gotten to decorate it with! we'll see! but there will definitely be something up soon.


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I have sooo many words to say about my experience, but I'll save that for later on in this post. first things first, I was only at anime expo for the weekend (2 days) but got the 4 day pass because it would've been cheaper & I really did not want to wait in line for 2 days straight to get each pass when I had better things to do.
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最纯真的梦想 已被遗忘在身旁, 跌跌撞撞 反复期望又失望
hello, welcome to my blog. you can call me diana. i'll mostly be posting reviews, hauls, about my travels and the like here.

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