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a lot of people may or may not know, but I absolutely love buying (and hoarding) cute Asian pencils, pens, pouches, you name it. it's an addiction, but everything is just so girly and lovely and cute.

 first things first, I'm actually very picky when it comes to pencil pouches. I have 4 of them but I only really use 2 of them (the yellow ones) because I only carry around a few pens & pencils + an eraser & lead.

this blue pencil case my cousin from Australia got me; it's by the brand called smiggle and they have the coolest stationary ever. I believe it's only found in Australia though, but they do have a website!

 this pencil case I use the most because it's not too big, but not too small. plus it's really easy to just toss into whatever bag I'm going to use for class. I got this at morning glory for $6~

I use this pencil case the second most. it's round-ish and about an inch in diameter, so it's big enough to fit the essentials (2 pens, 2 pencils, an eraser, and lead) I got this at a stationary store in LA for $2

 I use this pencil tin the least mostly because it's a bit big & bulky + I hate the clattering noises it makes when pens & pencils are inside moving around. it usually stays tucked in my desk housing the pens/pencils I don't use very often. I got this from the same stationary store as the one above for $2.50

 "hello kittly" LOL. anyways, I actually have no idea where I got this from but my mom bought it for me when I was in......... middle school when I was going through a major hello kitty phase. I still love hello kitty, but not as much (I have kpop for this, snorts.)

these are the ones I use the most (and have on me at all times when at school~)

each pen was $1 and they had 7 different colors so I ended up buying one of each OTL but it's nice when taking notes because so colorful!

 I only carry around 2 pencils with me, each $2, and a retractable eraser (the blue thing) that was $1.50

 and of course my trusty hello kitty pencil lead holder! it's pink, hehe. I got this for $0.75 :)

 these ones my friend got me when she went to Japan on an exchange program; the pig pen on the far left has 2 colors, blue & red! the pencil next to it (the mickey teddy bear) is actually really heavy, LOL.

 now these ones I don't use as often as all the others, but I ended up buying them (at different times, not all at once LOL) because they're so cute! each one was $2, except for the hello kitty pencil on the far left that was $3.50 because you shake it & the lead comes out, and the two pens on the far right there were $1 each.

 some close up shots because why not

 on a random note, my mom bought egg tarts yesterday.


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