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I was actually supposed to meet up with some of my senior high school friends today at the park but I ended up oversleeping ;;;; but I'll see them at their graduation tomorrow! (what? has it been a year since I left high school????) anyways, these are all the perfumes I own (though I myself don't wear them very often; my mom likes buying them though, for aesthetic reasons.) all of these were purchased at macy's unless otherwise stated~

abercombie & fitch classic perfume, my first ever perfume my uncle got me when I was in grade 7, so around 2007? I actually haven't used it since grade 9 though since I don't particularly like the scent anymore.

this perfume, halo, is from the dream angels series from victoria's secret. I think I got this some time in 2010 for $6 during black friday. not sure why I bought it because the scent is meh, but the bottle looks nice LOL

my mom got me this perfume, la vie est belle by lancome, at the start of my senior year of high school. the scent is really light and sweet, and I normally wear this when I want to feel particularly pretty or feminine~

I remember when my friends were raving about daisy by marc jacobs and at first I was wondering "what's the big deal? it can't be that great" but oh my goodness, after spray testing this I practically had to beg my mom to get this for me (for christmas, heh.) it's a very light floral scent, not very overwhelming if you spritz just the right amount.

these are the roll on versions; travel sized and mini sized respectively

I don't particularly like justin bieber..... like at all, but someday is such a great perfume. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but the perfume is also very light, sweet floral scent. I'm really glad I gave it a try though, since I have no regrets purchasing it.

it also came with a mini version! it's about 2~3 inches in height

this perfume, daisy eau so fresh sunshine by marc jacobs, my mom bought because it was limited edition and also came with a free gift. like all my other perfumes, it's not an overwhelming floral scent if you don't spray too much. plus, the bottle is huge. at about 5.5 inches in height!

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