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I still can't believe my cousin is finally married

her color scheme was cream & lavender 

the seating was a bit odd, but I was seated with all the other people my age along with my cousin, who was the maid of honor. what was cool was each card with your table number had a key attached

everything was so beautiful; the hotel the wedding was hosted at definitely outdid themselves

the food was so good! the starter, lobster bisque, was quite salty but at least there was bread. the entree, which has bass and steak, was delicious! though the steak was on the dry side, the bass was delicious and wasn't overpowering + the mashed potatoes were THE BEST.

#EpicNguyenWedding indeed

besides the wine bottles at the table, there was an open bar. I have learnt my lesson and shall never overindulge in alcohol, to say the least.

they even had a photo booth! seriously the coolest ever.

I also met a cute guy there. he's my cousin's cousin from her mom's side so we're not related at all but it'd still be awkward from a social standpoint. ugh, but he's so funny and easy to talk to. we're even the same age and graduated high school the same year (class of 2012!) + he went to the high school a few miles away from my own school. we also found out that we have quite a few mutual friends from school. he's also smart & he was in the army for 2 years before going to college full time. he's such a great guy, honestly, and the perfect gentleman. he even gave me his jacket when it got cold & held my shoes while dancing + got me water & snacks without even asking. I got along with everyone else, but idk he stood out the most to me? then again he was the tallest and is around 6ft tall LOL. eh, it's whatever honestly. I'll get over this minor crush-thing or whatever soon.


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