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lots of random posts within a short time frame because I was lazy last month and couldn't be bothered, SIGH. i got my mini alpacasso a few weeks ago that i ordered from otaku mode since i had a coupon for $10 off. they also included a free L-holder and a button!

my free made with code google bracelets also came! it's so cool. it took about a week to get to my house after i submitted both designs. i chose the smallest bracelet size since my wrists are pretty thin. the only downside is that this is only available to those living in the united states, but you can code your own bracelet here! you can make up to 2 per email, I believe. or something. the limit is 2 anyways.

FINALLY got a 4tb external hard drive since my 1tb one ran out of space after like 4 years lol. got this baby at costco while it was on sale for around ~$120 which isn't too bad since i got my 1tb for around $70

also got these keds for ~80% off, haha! originally $60, they were on sale for 75% off and my mom had an extra coupon so I got them for about $12. so awesome.

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最纯真的梦想 已被遗忘在身旁, 跌跌撞撞 反复期望又失望
hello, welcome to my blog. you can call me diana. i'll mostly be posting reviews, hauls, about my travels and the like here.

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