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received: October 20, 2014 | order period: April 11, 2014 ~ May 28, 2014 
cost: $66 USD (photobook + ems + domestic shipping)

the set included a photobook, postcards, a2 sized poster, a4 sized poster, stickers, fan, photocard sets A & B + tin case, mini dvd

everything came bubble wrapped & this is really pink and awesome bag

what's unique about this photobook is that it's horizontal, not vertical!

the finest has always taken a lot of my favorite photos and they certainly did not disappoint in this photobook! though from what I've seen, a lot of the photos in the book have been released on their website, but that's okay! the photo quality is amazing even on paper

the bag by itself~ i might use it for something hmm

a2 & a4 sized posters

3 sheets of stickers + 3 postcards

mini dvd + fan

tin case

20 photocards

the good thing about this photobook is that it isn't as pricey compared to the others I've ordered. however, because of that there aren't as many goodies/freebies. however, like I said earlier, all the photos are such amazing quality and the fansite master did a wonderful job picking out, cropping, and editing the photos. I was pretty surprised when I found out the photobook wasn't going to be horizontal, like all the other ones I own, but I like it. it's different and it's a refreshing change. I also really like the graphic design of the logo/photobook cover heh.

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