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originally ordered this back in november & got it the beginning of december, but I had no time because of work and what not. but now!!!! I can finally talk about what I got~

during this time, etude house was having a princess event & if you spent $30 or more, you got free shipping! everything here I ordered from the official website & bought with my own money!

they were having a huge sale on their I need you sheet masks ($0.95 each!), so I got 8 different kinds. the ones I got were pomegranate, tea tree,rice, lemon, green tea, royal jelly, pearl, and honey. they have a bunch of different kinds you can choose from though!

the next thing I got is the every month cleansing foam, which is a line of 12 cleansers and the idea is that each month represents a different skin type/skin problem. I got 6, which is tea tree & is made for uneven, troubled skin.

i had to get the missing u hand cream because it was so cute! it's also pretty small so it's great for traveling too! the one I got is the panda, which smells like peach~

I've been having really awful dark circles lately and wanted to try out a mask specifically made for them. decided to try the collagen eye patch. I hope it helps!

been needing a new liquid eyeliner, so I got oh m'eye line in black

I've been absolutely obsessed with stick glosses since kcon 2014, so I got the apricot stick gloss in #7

I wasn't originally looking to buy a lipstick, but dear my wish lips-talk is the one Krystal of f(x) was endorsing and the color looked so amazing, so I had to have it. I got the shade OR201

I couldn't resist this cute sweet idea bunny nail set. it comes with one nail polish & a bottle of cute bunny decorations for your nails. the one I got is the white nail polish + black decos

I originally got a blue play nail polish last year & I loved the opacity and how bright it was so I got 2 more shades. I got #04 PK003 and #43 PP504

also got a 25mL sample of the real art cleansing oil and WOW. it does a wonderful job removing makeup & keep my skin moisturized. a little goes a long way & I don't wear makeup often, so this little bottle should last me a few months!

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