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received: January 24, 2015 | order period: January 22, 2014 ~ February 26, 2014 
cost: $71 USD (photobook + ems + domestic shipping)

the set included a photobook, a2 sized poster, 4 a4 sized posters, L-holder, mini dvd, fanart notebook, fanart stickers, tin case + photocards, 2 postcards, electromagnetic waves blocking sticker

the photobook is a bright, pastel orange

there's a good mix of revealed and unrevealed photos. what's also nice is that all the photos are sharp & clear, and the coloring is bright but not too much. 

a2 & a4 sized posters


mini dvd

2 postcards

notebook & stickers

electromagnetic waves blocking sticker

tin case + 26 photocards

all the photos are beautiful taken and edited, and the quality of each item is wonderful! the only real problem that I had was that it took forever to finally arrive, and at one point I thought I was never going to get it since my group order said that he wasn't able to contact the fansite master. I guess what i want to say is to always be wary and cautious when ordering things from fansites because there is a chance that you will get scammed out of your money.

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