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hello hello! today I will be reviewing 2 sweatshirts I got from beautiful halo!

the package took about 2 weeks to arrive & came in this black plastic wrapping.

each sweatshirt was also wrapped in it's own (super adorable) plastic bag too.

unfortunately, these 2 sweatshirts that I ordered are no longer in stock! but I will include their names & as much information as I can from my memory in case they do restock in the future (and I believe they will)

this first sweatshirt is called "Cat Print Color Block Round Neck Sweatshirt with Polka Dot Sleeve" and comes in a "one-size fits all." the bust area is around 92cm~94cm

I really like this because of the cute cartoon on the front, but also because the sleeves are 2 different prints & colors so it makes even cuter? haha, does that even make sense?

it's a tiger, koala, cat, seal, and rabbit(?)

the sleeve & bottom trim(?) is elastic, and I believe the fabric is cotton so the stretch is nice and it doesn't itch either, which is great.

I believe the bulk of the fabric used is some sort of fleece material, which makes the sweatshirt extra warm & cozy, perfect for winter! it also stretched a bit, so that's a bonus

I looked over the entire garment and I didn't find any holes, badly sewn seams, or any loose threads. 

the second sweatshirt I got is called "Cozy Rabbit Pattern Contrast Collar Long Sleeve Top in Gray" and I believe it also came in navy, pink, and one other color. this one is the cream one. there were different sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. I got a large (which has a bust measurement of ~93cm) just to be on the safe side.

like the first one, this one also has a super cute cartoon printed on the front!

rabbits are so cute ;;

this one happened to come with a tag, which is so adorable.

what makes it different is that it has a color. I believe the fabric is some sort of jean-like material? it was quite stiff to the touch, but you're still able to move & adjust as you like. it's sewn to the sweater, by the way.

this one also has elastic on the bottom & sleeves (the left one has a little kitty photo sewn onto it, hehe)

it's also made out of similar fleece-like material and is very warm and cozy. it's also able to stretch a bit too.

looked over the entire piece and this one didn't have any rips, tears, badly sewn seams, or loose threads either.

(apologies for the selca-esque body shots, I don't have my tripod with me)

Design: ★★★★★
I absolutely love the designs! there weren't any defects on the cartoons (such as bits not being printing or pealing off) nor was there any discoloration any where. for the second sweatshirt, I love how the collar gives it a more "classy" look while still making it look cute & stylish. even my mom loves them both, which is saying something LOL.

Service: ★★★★★
oh my goodness, their service was amazing!!!! honestly, I was quite skeptical about getting anything from there & accepting their sponsorship when they had contacted me, but I'm very glad that I did. originally, I hadn't ordered the rabbit sweater (the one with the collar) but rather something else. they had contacted me within 2 days of me placing my order apologizing that the product I wanted was no longer in stock. they also left me a voice mail (and usually most online stores never contacted you on the phone, regardless of the issue) which I found strange but so refreshing. the voice mail they had left apologized again and told me to check my email for options regarding this matter. 

they had given me 3 options: the first was that I get a full refund of the item I had originally ordered back to my paypal account. the second was that I could get a full refund + 10% of the amount I spent if I accepted it as store credit. the third option (and the one I ultimately picked) was that I could pick out another item I wanted that was 15% more of the original price of the out-of-stock item I ordered.

I replied to their email with the option I chose and the item too, including what color & size I wanted. they responded to that email within 24 hours and said that they'd process my order as soon as possible. within 2 days I got an email saying that my package was shipped along with a tracking number! seriously the best customer service I have ever received.

Overall: ★★★★★
I know a lot of people are quite skeptical of ordering from this website, especially since a lot of people are promoting it on tumblr, but after going through this experience I can safely say that I find them a reliable store. they always respond to my emails within 24 hours and answer all the questions I had regardless if I thought it was a dumb question or not. not to mention that the customer service is amazing, but the products are good quality too. nothing came ripped or dirty or anything of that sort. 

however, I must caution buyers in that if you are going to order clothing online, please be sure to take your measurements as accurately as possible so that your items will fit!!! on another note, because this store is based in China, most clothing sizes run smaller compared to western countries. I normally wear a small/medium in tops, but I ordered in large just to be on the safe side.

while these specific sweatshirts that I reviewed are currently out of stock, please do check out their other sweaters, hoodies, and sweatshirts!

oh, and before I forget, you can get free shipping if you order $20 or more worth of clothing!

thank you so much for reading!

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