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so today I will be reviewing these kitty tattoo tights sponsored by peach couture! continue reading for a 5% off + free gift discount code ^^

peach couture is located in san diego, california, so shipping only took a couple days~

the tights were wrapped around a thin piece of cardboard and covered in a plastic bag

out of the plastic~

back side

the material used is in a "nude" color and very sheer and smooth. I was a little worried that it may tear or cause runs when I was tugging them on but I was surprised that the fabric was more durable than that.

the top part (is there a name for this?) is darker and thicker compared to the legs part of the tights

the waist band is very stretchy!

i don't like my legs sjhfjsdhgjl

overall: ★★★★★
these tights are sooo comfortable to wear, kind of like a second skin, and within a few hours I completely forgot I was wearing these. the tights themselves are very unique but the design isn't so outlandish that you can't wear them every day. I got quite a few compliments when I wore these to school! I think the only "problem" I had was trying to make the kitty faces balance on each of my legs, haha. 

anyways, for a 5% off your purchase + a free gift, enter "oxygenic" when you're checking out! 
thanks for reading!

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