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sponsored by and can be purchased at - kpop2

as always, shipping took 2 weeks to arrive at my house!

and they arrived in this lovely hot pink package! I was so shocked at the color, LOL

the lenses were wrapped up tightly in bubble wrap & also included one contact case

Duration of use / 6 months or more
Place of origin / KOREA
Overall diameter (DIA) / 14.5mm
Graphic diameter / 14.2mm
- Moisture content / 38%
Base Curve / 8.6mm

photos were taken in natural lighting~

Design/Color: ★★★★★
I absolutely love the design and color! the design itself is reminds me of those fancy craft papers you use to scrapbook, or maybe the pattern of fabric used for furniture? anyways, the color is a very nice gray and I actually had not been expecting the color to be so vibrant even after I put them on (I have dark brown eyes) and I was ecstatic to see that the pigment did not darken.

Enlargement: ★★★★★
they certainly do make my eyes larger! it makes my eyes look more "anime" which is perfect for cosplaying! these lenses are as big as my 16.2mm ones so they're much easier to put in and are perfect for those who are new to circle lenses~

Comfort: ★★★★★
no discomfort whatsoever! I put them in and they were exactly like my normal contact lenses; I didn't need any time for my eyes to adjust and it didn't even feel like I was wearing them at all!

Service: ★★★★★
the owners were so kind and nice, always answering any and all my questions. they also replied to the emails I sent promptly (within 24 hours) and had shipped my lenses out asap!

Overall: ★★★★★
everything about these lenses are AMAZING. from the color, to the design, to how comfortable they are to wear. I don't think I'll be able to wear these as every day lenses but maybe once in a while I will, to spice things up a bit haha. another that I absolutely love about kpop2 is that all of their lenses are so inexpensive! each pair of lenses is only $10.99 and what's even better is that they have prescription lenses! more bang for your buck, I'd say.

♥ you can purchase these lenses at kpop2

thanks for reading!

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