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yumetwins' november box! I was originally going to pass on this box but I saw that there would be some sailor moon and gudetama in this box so I just had to get it. this month's theme was 'breakfast.' the box is $23.99USD per month + $6 s/h.

brochure is always on top when you first open up the box

details about the items inside

first item I pulled out was this big shinada baby nature plushie. I believe I got the baby baku, but you could have also gotten the baby alpaca, baby tiger, or baby cat.

next was the sanrio kirimichan post-its. I actually wasn't familiar this was particular sanrio character, but it's still so cute.

and of course, my spirit animal, gudetama. these are stickers and I think I might be sticking one on my new power bank, heh.

you know it's official when there's a blue sanrio sticker on the back, usually near the bar code.

next was a kawaii mini-notepad with a sushi theme. inside has 2 different designs on the paper

next item is the rilakkuma darjeeling tea bags! they're so cute, I haven't brought myself to use them yet, ahhh

enogumasan 2-way marker. I'm more of a pencil/pen person, but I'm sure I can find a use for this.

first blind box in the box is sumikko gurashi sushi rubber keychain charm. 

there's 9 different ones you can get

I happened to get the blue one (I'm not sure what it's called, sorry.)

the second blind box is the main reason why I was so excited for this month's box. re-ment's sailor moon sweets mascot blind box.

there's 6 different ones you can get and I was really hoping for #3 or #1

I got #2 though, but after looking at the physical item #2 is actually really pretty! the keychain itself is pretty hefty for what it is.

thank you so much for reading and see you for next month's box!

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