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my spring break was at the end of march, i probably should have written this sooner but i'm lazy and a chronic procrastinator so here i am at the end of april LOL.

the most important event that happened was that i went to universal studios with my 2 cousins after 6 years or so, so we were pretty excited for all the new rides and such. only downside that because it was the pre-opening for the wizarding world of harry potter, ticket prices went up to a ridiculous $115 (that's more than disneyland!!!!!!!) we considered not buying tickets when we got there, but we were dropped off and it'd be a waste to call them back when we were right in front of the ticket booth already.

the wait times were so short compared to disneyland omg. the longest wait we saw was around 40 minutes and we got to universal at 10am, a little while after opening. we were so shocked LOL. the first ride we went on was the minion ride, which was actually really fun.

we then went to the most important place, the wizarding world of harry potter!!!! we first went on the 3D ride, but no photos since you have to put all your stuff in a locker before going on the ride. we also got butterbeer, which was $5 a cup. we considered getting the plastic mug but it was another $6 and it wasn't that nice looking anyways, so we passed on it. the butter beer was okay, it tasted like watered down root beer tbh, but the foam was suuuuper sweet though it tasted nice.

we went during the pre-opening so some stores weren't open and I think they were working on an attraction or something since one area was covered up. it's been opened since a few weeks ago, so I wonder what else they added lol.

i originally wanted a wand but one was $40 so i passed. i'll be going again with my friend daisy in october, so i'll definitely buy one then. the slytherin pin was $7 while the house pin was $9 and the time turner keychain (which is my favorite!!!) was also $9. pretty expensive imo, but what souvenirs aren't at theme parks tbh.

we actually finished on going all the rides we wanted to go on by 4pm, so we took an uber to nature republic in koreatown before taking another uber to the galleria. i didn't buy anything at nature republic since i didn't need anything, but they had exo's standees out front LOL

while walking to nature republic i finally saw the sm building for the first time and the giant exo billboard out front omg. the area the building is in is in the less busy area of ktown, and there's no parking but yeah

had dinner at the galleria and ended up getting patbingsoo for dessert, but the 3 of us couldn't finish this giant bowl omfg it was huge but it tasted so good.

the kpop store i usually buy all my albums from in LA revamped their store and now exo has their own section, i can't believe.

didn't buy anything exo related but I got red velvet and got7 albums. didn't get my biases, but i'm not butthurt or anything lol. both albums were so aesthetic, i love,

later in the week we went to coronado with the parents. it's been years since i've been here, so it was nice since it was pretty sunny and windy. we ended up walking all over and going to the hotels to take photos. parking was another story however, lol

we went to dixon lake too, and even rented a paddle boat for an hour and took a trip around the lake. it was really hot and the lake is in a sort of valley, so there really wasn't any wind but thankfully on this particular day it was pretty cloudy so that made the heat not so bad.

in between everything else, we went to a lot of different shopping malls and outlets but i didn't really buy anything since i'm not that into brand name clothing (purses are an entirely different story, haha) though i did get a pair of sky blue keds for cheap, $15 or something. i wear them too often and now they're pretty dirty, i'll have to scrub them some time soon haha.


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