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this is so long overdue, but I still really wanted to talk about exo'luxion even if it was something brief. it's been over a month since the LA concert and honestly I'm still not over it lol.

overall, I was relatively happy with how everything turned out, but I definitely have my complaints. I went to the concert with my best friend Daisy and we got there at around 2pm to line up. everyone we met and talked to in line were really nice and so much fun to chat with. so many people of all ages there too. we got pit tickets, which were split into 7 lines/groups and we were in the third group, so relatively close to the front. my only issue was that the staff/volunteers wanted us to be in numerical order (according to our tickets) and told us to 'organize ourselves' which turned out to be messy and difficult, resulting in a lot of people being pissy and not getting into the concert hall on time. the concert was only delayed about half an hour, so it wasn't too bad in the end.

however, once in pit that was a whole different story. people were packed like sardines in their attempts to get closer to the front and once the lights dimmed and the opening vcr started playing everything went to hell. people surged forward and kept pushing trying to get even closer to the front. i was in the third row of people from the stage, but it was so crowded that i couldn't even lift up my arm to wave my lightstick. i even got a bit dizzy and light headed at one point during the first half of the concert because it was so hot with so many people around and i couldn't breathe properly. the second half was much better since everyone eased up and there was actually room to move around a bit, though i was on the left side of the extended stage but apparently it was pretty bad right in from of the extended stage. i was only able to take fancams during the second half of the concert, but I got a lot of close ups of xiumin and almost all of the other members. i posted them on my youtube here. they turned out a lot better than i anticipated since my phone was being glitchy while i was trying to record, and i even had to restart it twice during the concert! I was pretty disappointed that they didn't perform el dorado since that was the song I was really looking forward to, but overall their performances were so amazing!! the boys were full of so much energy, suho spoke 90% in english, and xiumin came to my side of the stage so much. I really couldn't have asked for a better performance.

another thing that pissed me off was how much they jacked up the prices for concert merchandise at the venue. online, a poster was $13 and at the earlier stops of exo'luxion in north america, the poster was $15 but when it came to LA? $20 for a poster. i didn't buy anything because i was so disgusted with how much they were overcharging and just picked up my lightstick that i pre-ordered online the month before.

after this whole experience, I think it's safe to say that I will probably never do pit tickets for a k-pop concert ever again. I really don't want to deal with all the waiting and standing around, and not to mention all the pushing and shoving during the actual concert. I'll just enjoy the performances from a comfortable and cheaper seat, thanks.

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