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happy new year everyone! and as always, I'm late again with december's yumetwins box, lol. december's box, of course, was christmas themed!

as always, on top when you open the box is the pamphlet.

the pamphlet details all the items in the box (and the other possibilities you could have gotten) along with other info about their online store, other subscription boxes, their contests and more!

first thing is the christmas bath soak. I personally never really use bath soaks, bath salts, bath bomb or anything of the like. hopefully this smells okay if I ever get around to trying it out.

next is a mame shiba inu smartphone cleaner. i got the beige one and it's super cute & soft! however, I really don't have a way to attach it to my smart phone and it would be quite a bulky phone charm regardless so I'm not sure about what I will use this for. maybe keep it on my desk and use it to clean my laptop or phone screen? we'll see lol

this months plushie is a christmas peanuts plushie, where you got a random one from among 4 choices. i personally really wanted snoopy, or even woodstock but alas....

this is the amuse kotoritai kinchaku pouch where you got one from among 5 colors: yellow, blue, brown, black, or grey. i really wanted any of the other colors except the one i got, LOL. i find it looks kind of creepy and not so cute & probably won't ever use it.

next is a rilakkuma hand towel, which is super cute. however, I honestly really have no need for any more hand towels and I really wish yumetwins would consider putting something else in the box. i suggest blind boxes because those are my favorites, haha

this is a snoopy pocket mirror and you randomly got one design out of 9 possibilities. luckily I had been considering getting a new pocket mirror to carry around since the ones I've had in the past I've lost, so this is great timing

the return of lum: lum invador decorative tape. unfortunately i'm not sure if this comes from a series or what fandom this comes from, but it's basically washi tape? i'm not big on using washi tape though so...

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: the neko atsume plushie hat. you could one of 3 random choices: the brown one, the black one, or the white one (tubbs.) i actually really wanted the black one since i love the two different colored eyes, but this one is pretty cute too. i haven't worn it yet since i personally don't wear hats much (unless necessary) and it hasn't really gotten cold enough for me in socal to bother with a hat or beanie.

overall, I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed in this month's box. a lot of the stuff was cute, but at the same time not exactly things I needed or things that really excited me much at all. this thought is actually one of the reasons why I unsubscribed to kawaii box (besides their stuff not being official, among other things.) as much as i love cute things from japan, i would prefer things with more practicality. i also wish that there wasn't a hand towel in almost every month's box but rather something else more useful. there's only so many towels I need in my life, and it's not like I need to carry around one in my purse. 

like I mentioned above, I feel that blind boxes would be one of the best items to include in the box. another thing I'd like to mention was how I was disappointed in the snoopy items since snoopy (and peanuts in general) is fairly commonly found in the USA so I was hoping for something (like alpacasso, for example) not as easily found here. I do really like the pocket mirror and the neko atsume hat, but everything was rather meh for me.


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