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I pre-ordered this.... back in november, I believe? and it arrived some time in january! don't mind the watermark, I just don't want someone try to scam people by using my photos ><" unfortunately, everything is out of stock on their tictail but please do check out their twitter

the zine came with 5 stickers of the main characters of the game. I didn't pre-order in time for the elizabeth 3rd sticker, but that's okay. these cuties are adorable still!

also came with two 707 postcards (he's my favorite character. I love)

the cover is so cute, ahhhh

the next few photos are a couple of my favorite pieces in the zine. seriously, the art in this is soooo beautiful and pretty. it makes me wish I had some artistic talent, LOL.

thank you so much to haiyun & daisy for overseeing this, to all the artists who participated in this project, and to everyone who was able to purchase a copy!


最纯真的梦想 已被遗忘在身旁, 跌跌撞撞 反复期望又失望
hello, welcome to my blog. you can call me diana. i'll mostly be posting reviews, hauls, about my travels and the like here.

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