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happy february everyone! I actually got this box a couple days ago, so I'm actually on the ball this month around! I ended up skipping january's box since I got busy and forgot about it...

the new box is a bigger, dark purple box. I'd even say that it's sturdier too.

what's inside when you first open it

there's 5 items in this month's box, and I'm super excited for 2 of them!

first item is this sumikko gurashi wall hook. I believe it's a sticker you can just stick on the wall and apparently it can hold up to 1kg in weight. I'm scared to try it out, but it is super cute.

the first item I'm super excited about is the reusable neko atsume shopping bag. it comes in this little pouch and it'll be so helpful since I live in california and grocery stores and places like target no longer offer disposable plastic bags (unless you wanna pay 10 cents per bag, but hey that's your call.) there were two colors: yellow and pink.

out of the little pouch, the reusable bag itself has this cute design on the front and it's quite big so it'll be able to hold a lot of stuff!

next item is the amuse cat a la mode keychain. there are 6 different designs. I wasn't particularly concerned about which one I got, but I think this cake/tart is one of the cuter ones

it's so colorful and has so many tiny details. I appreciate the craftsman ship, though the paint is a little weird on the right eye

next is a bananya mini-mascot keychain. there were 5 different kitties that you could get.

last, but not least, is what I have been looking forward too the most. the shinada fumofumo-san plush which is so big for a subscription box!

there were 24 different types that you were able to get (omg!) and I believe this is the giraffe one? I'm not sure, but it's so cute and cuddly.


overall, I'm really happy with this month's box. lots of yellow objects though, haha. I love the revamped box and how the items are getting bigger and better.

next month's theme is totoro, so sign up by february 28th to get march's box! thanks for reading!

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