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this is so long overdue, but I'm here again with march's yumetwins box! this month's theme was totoro, and it certainly did not disappoint!

I was so excited about this month's theme! I absolutely love totoro, so having an entire box dedicated to it is amazing.

they ran out of the spring design of the totoro origami paper, so there was a note about that. they replaced it with the summer design

this month comes with 5 items!

first item is the shinada fukurairai plush. there were 6 designs you could get and I happened to get the yellow chick (which is super cute omg)

the bow has a little bell sewed on!

next is the totoro 3D jigsaw puzzle that has 9 pieces.

the semi-translucent pieces were hard to see on my white desk, so I put them on the origami paper but they're still kind of hard to see, haha.

putting it together only took a few moments, but it's really cute! I'll be displaying it on my bookshelf

next is a totoro hand towel and there were 5 designs. luckily I got this one since it was my favorite design out of all of them!

the embroidery is so nice and high quality

next is the totoro washi origami paper, the summer design

the set comes with 5 different designs

I'll have to look up directions on how to make origami, but I can't bear to use any of these papers. they're too cute, ahhhhh. what a dilemma

last, but certainly not least, is the my neighbor totoro origami kit!

inside the box is a big pack of origami paper, a small pack of origami paper, and the directions

while my Japanese is very limited, the diagrams are very helpful and literally anyone can make the origami totoro

the first paper of each design has lines printed on it as a guide while all the other papers don't have the lines

overall, I'm super in love with this box! I kind of wish the plushie was of totoro or one of the smaller totoros but that's okay. this box definitely rekindled for my love of origami (beyond making paper stars which are super easy to make.) another thing I would have liked to see in this box was a cup/mug of sorts? I think that would've been nice but I certainly wasn't expecting the origami kit so that was a nice surprise. the hand towel was really good quality so I might start keeping it in my purse or backpack just in case~

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