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So this is basically all the things I bought while on vacation.... which isn't as much as I thought it would be, haha.

first stop was skinfood in irvine spectrum

I've been needing a toner, so I decided to try their parsley & mandarin toner

I also got their peach sake pore bb cream in sand beige since the last one I got was too dark ><"

since it was the holidays, they were including a free makeup pouch with every purchase!

free sample of their royal honey gift set

and samples of their royal honey eye cream

my minnie mouse keychain, aka the only thing I bought for myself while at disneyland 

pink ballet flats from cole haan. SOOOO COMFORTABLE. I wore these on my date, hehehehe

I also got apple print keds from kate spade (60% off!!!!!)

we also made a stop in china town and I got this heart shaped jar to hold my origami stars

and I also got more star paper because you can never have enough, LOL

well, I'll be posting about my vacation/trip later on after my cousin sends me all the photos she took. I'll also be doing another haul post on all the kpop stuff I ordered a few weeks ago that are now arriving by the box OTL anyways, thanks a bunch for reading!!!

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