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so i recently went to forever 21 a few days ago and it turns out they're having this huge sale on their clearance items, which were buy one get one free. for my forever 21 store, which is pretty large, the entire back of the store is dedicated to clearance and wow. i have never seen so many people in that section all at once in my entire life. except maybe on black friday, but that's black friday.

there were actually a bunch of things on sale that i liked, but i couldn't find my size :( luckily i was able to snag 3 pairs of shorts & a skater skirt!

the first one i got has a pastel pink & blue floral print

second pair i got has this brighter & more vibrant orange & purple floral print

i was surprised i didn't have red shorts yet, lol

last thing i got was a skater skirt, which is this metallic gold leopard(?) print

overall, I paid about $23 in total including tax. the most expensive item was one of the floral shorts, which was around $11 so it wasn't too bad. the buy one get one free deal is such a steal, only if you're willing to search of course!

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