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I'm late again, as always. anyways, april's box was something I was looking forward to alot!

april's theme was gudetama/easter

as always, the little pamphlet talks about the items included in the box

the first item was a gudetama glass. there were 5 designs you could have gotten and I happened to get the clear one. this was the design I wanted the most, so I'm super happy I was able to get it

the next item was a bento box. there were 3 designs: gudetama, alice in wonderland, and my melody. I personally was hoping for the gudetama one since it'd match the mug, but the alice bento box is so pretty? plus the color scheme is pastel and I'm weak for pastels

it's a two-tiered bento box

the top compartment includes a small space where the chopsticks are stored

the bento box taken apart. the little divider in one of the boxes can be removed and adjusted to fit whatever food you'll be putting in. the white pieces are flexible rubber and help separate the 2 compartments while the lid with alice on it covers the chopsticks

it also comes with a band to hold everything together

next is the plushie that's included in every box. there were 3 different easter designs and I got the pink one

next is a gudetama pen. there was only one design so every box got the same one

back side has the official sanrio sticker

last, but not least, is the gudetama magnet blind bag. I believe there were 4 different designs you could've received

not sure what the japanese says, but I got the gudetama floating in water magnet.

overall, I absolutely adore this month's box. I really love the bento box especially, and I used it for the first time earlier this week. I was a little worried since the box looked small but it holds a good amount of food and while I wasn't stuffed, I was definitely full after eating. second favorite is definitely the gudetama cup, especially since I got the design I wanted the most. I haven't used it yet, but it'll go along nicely with my neko atsume cup I got in an older yumetwins box a while back.

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