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I haven't reviewed a bb cream in FOREVER, but today I'll be writing about skinfood's peach sake pore bb cream that I bought back in August when I went to kcon and stopped by irvine spectrum.

one of the things I really like about this product is the packaging. it's very cute & simple, and very aesthetically pleasing? haha!

the shade I bought was #04 soft beige but turns out this shade is too dark for me so later one I went back and bought #03 sand beige, which matches my skin tone a lot better.

for some reason the official website only has two shades....

what's also unique about this bb cream is that it has a pump! it's really easy to control the amount of bb cream you want, surprisingly.

the purpose of this bb cream here is that it's supposed to be:
"a pore-refining bb cream that regulates sebum secretion while creating a flawless and matte complexion without feeling greasy"

the bb cream itself is very light; it didn't feel heavy when I put it on my face and it smells like peaches! it has a very smooth and matte finish, which is AMAZING. I personally have combination skin; my cheeks are "normal" while I have a super oily & acne-prone t-zone. after using this bb cream a few times I found that it actually did a pretty good job at controlling how oily my skin got. of course, it didn't make my skin completely matte but for the majority of the day my face didn't look like a grease bomb, haha. 

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

I really like this bb cream a lot; I even bought 2 more tubes when I was back in Irvine since I like it so much. I think the only downside to this is that if you have super oily skin (like me) then it doesn't completely make your skin matte, but if you use a primer or makeup base before hand, I think it'd be able to make your skin ~photo ready~ 

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