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so this is going to be rather messy but I'm just going to write everything I remember in chronological order. sorry if anything doesn't make sense or sounds confusing, LOL.

woke up at 8am to get ready and make sure I had everything I needed in my car (jacket, water, etc etc) before I went to pick up my friends from their houses. left for LA at around 10am and got there around 12:30pm because of traffic.

the first place we went to was the galleria in korea town to buy some albums and have some lunch and rest (mostly me, since I was driving.) I bought snsd's ot9 I got a boy album and infinite's inspirit (shall post photos later because my friend accidentally took my albums home instead of his, LOL)

omurice for lunch!

left the galleria around 2pm to head to the festival. there was so much traffic and the parking fee was $25 + it was such a pain to find a spot to park. finally got to the actual festival at around 3:30pm.

there really wasn't much by that time since the festival started at 10am, but there was a stage on one side where people did dance covers and what not. the only highlight was that the kbs booth was handing out free concert pamphlets and k-drama posters.

after that we didn't really have anything to do so we split up and wandered around. we ended up going into the stadium earlier since there were more booths inside (dramafever had chad the future there and .... lol) anyways, me & my friend got to our seats early (around 5:45pm) and chatted for a while.

we were pretty far up not even going to lie but... FREE CONCERT.

the concert was originally supposed to start at 6pm but got delayed to 6:30pm which got delayed to 7pm. eventually the concert finally started around 7:30pm. 

I'll admit, the concert itself is a bit of a blur but I do recall enjoying it a lot and singing along to almost every song. I'm sure you'll find a ton of fancams on youtube, LOL, so I won't really elaborate too much. what I really loved were all the collab stages and all the english songs they sang (girl's day sang hush hush, sistar and 2pm did a collab, & shinee and infinite also did a collab.) only downside was that the girls in front of me kept standing up during all the boy groups' performances so I had to stand up too to see.

it was A LOT of fun. the only downside was that it got really cold through out the concert that I was shivering so much even with 2 jackets on. the concert ended around 11pm and this is where the nightmare started.

so the only parking that was available (basically) was the coliseum parking right in front. we were able to get to my car within a few minutes and we were expecting to get out of the parking garage soon. that turned out not to be the case. we ended up waiting on the second floor from the exit for 1.5 hours because they had only one exit opened and were letting 1 car at a time exit the parking garage. it was ridiculous because 1. the concert just ended and everyone needs to go home, 2. it's almost midnight, and 3. most people at the concert were in their teens/early 20s so curfews. 

at 1am I was finally able to get out of the parking garage and get onto the freeway to head back to san diego. dropped my friends off at their houses at around 2:45am and got home myself at around 3:25am. it was exhausting.

pros: concert was free, fansites handing out goodies

cons: traveling, parking fee was expensive, not a lot to do at the "festival," food was expensive, lots of lines, lack of organization, concert delayed by an hour & a half, the seats weren't that great, it was really cold, and quite a few fans were rude when it came time for the concert


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