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I was originally going to make separate posts but then..... naaaw

as you all know everything at daiso is $1.50 and the first thing I got was this super cute cartoon bear mug!

kukuma... very similar to rilakkuma. hahaha

next I got was this chick white out because I seem to have lost all my white out...

it even has a cap so that the white out tape doesn't get damaged!

I also got this set of rulers and protractors since the set I got in high school broke :(

it has these plastic prongs (not sure if you can see them) to keep everything in place

and I went to forever 21 yesterday and.... seriously. you can find so many cute clothes for inexpensive prices.

first thing I got was a peachy-orange lace tank top

a white lace tank top

and a turquoise lace tank top (same design as the white one)

I also got this silver bow ring because I love bows and silver jewelry *A*

also got a pack of 3 ring set that has a flower gem, large gem, and small gem

also got another eiffel tower necklace, hehe

the heart has "I'm yours" engraved on it

and I got this hodge-podge necklace

what's pretty cool is that it's 3 strands combined into one

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