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hello hello! today I will be reviewing these false heart thigh high tights that I got from wwhop for $4.39!

I actually got these with my vine tattoo tights that I did a review on here (among other tights) so I'll be skipping the shipping tidbit!

the tights came in wrapped around a thin piece of cardboard & packaged in plastic wrap

I like that the false thigh highs have little hearts above them which makes them look extra sweet!

the upper part of the tights is kind of sheer

while the black part of the tights is super opaque

what I also noticed is that the fabric is kind of rough/not as smooth in comparison to the other tights I own. I think this could be a problem especially if you have sensitive skin since it seems to make me itch a bit even though I have normal skin. however, the fabric itself is very elastic and can endure a bit of manhandling especially if you're like me and have to have both sides even with each other. since the fabric is a bit thicker, it doesn't need to be handled all too gently and it wont tear.

another thing I find interesting is figuring out which side is the front and which is the back

this is the backside because it has the two lines going up and down. it's supposed to curve with your butt

the hearts look kinda funny stretched though.... 

overall: ★★★☆☆

I'm giving this a 3 out of 5 stars because while I do love how versatile this design is and how adorable it would look with a plethora of outfits, comfort is my number one priority. I don't particularly like how the fabric is rather rough on my skin and makes me itch if I wear it for long periods of time. of course, that doesn't mean it's not manageable but I prefer not having to deal with that sort of thing. but on the bright side, the fabric is thicker and won't tear as easily in comparison to tattoo tights since those are very sheer and thin. because of the thickness it'll be easier to keep warm in the early spring/fall weather since it's kind of chilly then.

if you would like to purchase these, please click here! thanks for reading ^^

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