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I normally don't buy anything that's 'featured' on facebook or instagram, but for weeks I kept seeing ads for this wave ring and I got curious. I ended up getting matching rings for me and my bestie, and a lot more than I anticipated!

the bracelets and rings arrived within a couple days after I ordered and I got free shipping since I spent over $25

the rings and the bracelet I got were packaged in little drawstring pouches and they also gave me another 3 bracelets along with a sticker!

there's also a giant card with some information

the sticker and a small card saying how each bracelet helps get jobs for artists in costa rica

i got 2 silver wave rings for me and my friend in size 7 and 8 respectively (there's also a gold wave ring but when I ordered it was sold out)

i'm wearing the size 8

the bracelt i bought was midnight waves since blue is my favorite color and I loved all the different shades used in this bracelet. it was super hard for me to choose, haha.

I mentioned earlier in the post that I got another 3 bracelets with my order! I'm not 100% sure which bracelets these are, but I believe the blue & purple bracelets are berry cute while the multi-colored coral one is abalone obsession

overall, I'm super happy with my purchase and I'm in love with the wave ring and the bracelets. it gives off such a beach-y feel and with summer just around the corner, they're gonna be perfect for the upcoming weather. I'll definitely be buying more to expand my collection and I was pleasantly surprised by the 3 extra bracelets. I was totally not expecting it and it made my day when I opened the package. I also love the cause and how every bracelet purchased goes to helping full time artists in costa rica. it's cool how each bracelet is slightly different so each one is an original. it also helps that they're waterproof too, so no worries on having to take them off before going swimming.

I actually wore these to exo'rdium in la and got so many compliments~ ahhh, I can't wait for summer now!

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