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hello hello! today I will be reviewing baviphat's apple magic lip tint that I got for $2.73 before shipping~

the packaging is super cute! it's in the shape of an apple.

without the paper wrapping

I think the only off-putting thing for me is that you have to use your fingers to apply the lip tint to your lips, except I used a lip brush. I also really liked how the color was a vibrant red. plus it smelled like apples!

the inside of the cap had some foam at the top. I'm assuming that this creates some sort of seal so that the lip tint doesn't dry out or anything.

unfortunately when applied, the lip tint really did not show up at all. if anything it looked like I had on some clear lip gloss. on the upside, it was very moisturizing for my lips and helped with getting rid of the dryness that happens during winter.

i tried the paper test again and even with 4 applications the color really didn't show up at all.

overall: ★★☆☆☆

I know lip tints aren't supposed to be "that noticeable" but in general the color of this hardly appears at all. while there are some positives, like it smelling nice and being a good chapstick, I was really hoping that the color would be a bit more pigmented. on another note the packaging is probably one of my favorites, haha.

anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review ^^

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